Crocodile Anh Thu
brand has long been a place in the field of production of fashion products crocodile in particular and the nation in general. With many years experience in the field of leather goods, we are proud to have the production process of a high standard, materials are carefully selected from the best crocodile farms, according to high-tech leather, Providing softness but not least durability of the product, especially not use toxic chemicals safer for people to use, environmentally friendly.

The production process at the factory makes products special attention. We currently have many skilled craftsmen and responsible in their work. Products are manufactured entirely handmade, ensuring reliability and sophistication. Fashion products made from cowhide, crocodile, ostrich leather, python skin ...

with many colors and various designs, fancy pattern is ready to meet all the requirements of our customers. In addition, the products are sold directly, without intermediaries so the price is very competitive, with warranty for every product so you can be assured of quality products. The flagship product line of the company:
- Squeeze leather, crocodile leather wallets
- Belts crocodile
- Leather bag
- Bag
- Men shoes
- Case
- Stuffed Crocodile
- Leather hats, keychains, watches wire ...

Especially we undertake processing the request so you will always satisfied with their products. In addition to the fashion products, Anh Thu longer accept orders of leather product unique gifts, to meet the needs of commemorative events, inauguration, customer conference, the promotions, advertising branding, cultural events, politics, travel, sports ...

The leather products unique gift is a perfect choice for master of your company to create lasting good impression for your event. We are committed to give you the most perfect way. Come with us to choose for you trendy products, high quality with best price